Her mother wanted to know the reason why she was having the symptoms that she was experiencing. A family friend recommended that her mother should see their chiropractor, because he was helping to diagnose food allergies. After finally being diagnosed with allergies to milk and wheat, her mother modified her diet and continued under chiropractic care. In the next few months Dr. Noelle, her father and her brother started chiropractic care. ​

At the age of 16, Dr. Noelle job shadowed her family chiropractor as part of a business class at Horicon High School. That day she was able to observe the healing benefits the patients that were of all stages of life experienced. After reflecting from that day, Dr. Noelle decided that she wanted to become a chiropractor. ​

Since completing her degrees of Bachelor of Science in Biology in 2013, and her Doctor of Chiropractic in 2016, Dr. Noelle has continually sought out the most up to date means of treatment to benefit her patient's. She is trained in Webster's Technique through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and she is Board Certified in the use of Physical Therapy modalities, such as myofascial release and therapeutic exercise/activities.

B.S. (Bachelor Of Science)-Biology major- Marian University. Fond du Lac, WI​ D.C. (Doctor of Chiropractic)- Palmer College of Chiropractic. Davenport, IA

After graduating from Midwest College of Oriental Medicine, Aubrey continued her training and education in the Dr. Tan Balance Method of acupuncture. She also pursued training in Cranio Sacral therapies and Morphogenic Field Technique. Aubrey is an accomplished and skilled Oriental Herbalist and acupuncturist and combines body work techniques with her foundational skills. While very good at treating structural pain and illness, Aubrey has a special heart for emotional and mental trauma and illness. She also practices with a focus on Oriental pediatric and gynecological medicine. Aubrey is very open about her faith and is very active in service to the L-rd. 

Mo Wolf, LAc

Starting February 2022 Dr. Noelle will be consolidating her practices to one location in Watertown, WI. N901 County Road L. Watertown, WI 53098

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Aubrey Tempesta, CAc, MSOM         

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Associate practitioners

Dr. Noelle Margelowsky, DC        

 Dr Fabrizio is Certified Acupuncturist and Massage Therapist with over 20 years of experience as a medical doctor in Italy. He graduated from Midwest College of Oriental Medicine and East West Healing Arts Institute. His expertise in the medical field, pain management, Acupuncture and Chinese Massage, make him a totally integrated practitioner. He has worked with the renowned acupuncturist, Dr. Xiping Zhou in Madison and Wauwatosa. Fabrizio has practiced at the Siloam Center for Traditional Medicine in Janesville as well as the New Leaf Wellness Center in Cambridge, Wisconsin. He has provided Acupuncture and Sports Massage for the UW Badgers Track & Field and Hockey teams. He is currently practicing Anesthesiology and Emergency Medicine in Rome, Italy and unavailable for appointments in the US. 

​Mo is a licensed acupuncturist and a graduate of the Oriental Medicine program at the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine. Mo has studied with some of the nation’s top herbalist and acupuncture instructors as well as a variety of complementary and accessory and techniques to Oriental Medicine including the more sports medicine focused, Structural Elements, a natural allergy relief protocol called, Nambudrapod's Allergy Elimination Technique, Frequency Specific Microcurrent and a variety of other protocols and treatments including the more western discipline of functional medicine.

Dr. Fabrizio Damiani, MD (italy), MSOM, LAc      

Noel originally from Horicon, WI. Growing up with a woods in her family's backyard along with a 30 mile marsh within her hometown made her fond of nature and the outdoors. She enjoys swimming, hiking and ATVing. She attributes the "nature walks" she took as a child with her father to her interest in science. ​She was a lifeguard at her local aquatic center in Horicon and she also worked at the YMCA of Dodge County when the outdoor pool in her hometown was closed. She learned in that time that working with children and helping others was something that she wanted to do for the rest of her life. Around that same time Dr. Noelle's mother was very sick and after numerous doctor visits and prescription recommendations she was frustrated. 

​ Mo has also trained in diagnosis and treatment protocols for Lyme Disease and a variety of other parasitic illnesses. Prior to studying Oriental Medicine and acupuncture, Mo studied and practiced apiculture and worked as Head Apiculturist for Little Honeyzzz LLC in Janesville, Wisconsin where he developed a honeybee genetics and breeding program designed to combat honeybee disease and environmental stressors. Mo also worked to help formulate a line of health and wellness products including Bee Rescued Propolis Care and Bee Energized Raw Bee Pollen products that have been helping people around the world. Mo is currently practicing family practice acupuncture and Oriental medicine at the Siloam Center For Traditional Medicine in Janesville, Wisconsin. His clinical experience with Oriental Medicine has allowed him to treat a broad range of diseases, symptoms and conditions ranging from the acute to the very chronic. 

Mo enjoys his time with his wife, his three children and the family’s four dogs. He received theology and pastoral training at Moody Bible Institute as well as trained with Village Missions in New Gloucester, Maine. Mo is an accomplished author, speaker and teacher and has traveled to many parts of the globe teaching beekeeping as well as teaching the Bible. He leads a Messianic Jewish congregation in Janesville, (Congregation Beth Yeshua Janesville).  Mo is also an avid martial artist with a history of training in Israeli Krav Maga, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo, and Muay Thai. In his 20's, received an instructor's certification for Arresting Tactics for the state of Illinois and has a heart for Law Enforcement, first responders and military personnel which drove him to study treatment for PTSD and other injuries unique to these vocations.